Object Oriented Paradigm

Test 2
10 questions|25 marks

This test will assess your understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) concepts.

Question 1
2 marks

What is Abstraction?

Question 2
2 marks

The OOPs concept that focuses on hiding the unnecessary is known as

Question 3
2 marks

Which feature of OOPs helps with code reusability

Question 4
5 marks

Which of the below statements are true for Encapsulation?

Question 5
2 marks

What is polymorphism?

Question 6
1 marks

Abstraction in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) means to eliminate the irrelevant and amplify the essential

Question 7
5 marks

What is Inheritance?

Question 8
1 marks

Inheritance helps with modelling the similarity

Question 9
1 marks

How many classes can be defined in a single program?

Question 10
4 marks

You are developing a shop management software which generates the bill of the items purchased by the customer. What will be the essential and irrelevant features of the customer from the shopkeeper’s point of view?