Data Types & Variables

Test 5
12 questions|30 marks

This test will assess your understanding of Data Types & Variables

Question 1
2 marks

Select the primitive data type in Java that is 64-bit integer and is used when you need a range of values wider than those provided by int

Question 2
2 marks

These primitive data types arranged in ascending order of their size will be

Question 3
2 marks

int res = 'A'; What is the value of res?

Question 4
2 marks

Memory capacity (storage size) of short and float data types in bytes are

Question 5
2 marks

Which of the following statements correctly assigns boolean literal true to a variable of boolean data type?

Question 6
4 marks

Identify these literals - 0.5, 'A', false, "A"

Question 7
1 marks

Name of a variable can be an identifier or a keyword

Question 8
2 marks

What is meant by uninitialized variables?

Question 9
5 marks

Variables can be initialized by

Question 10
1 marks

Scope of a local variable is the code block within which it is declared

Question 11
5 marks

Incase of nested scope

Question 12
2 marks

Which is the correct declaration of the constant PI of type double?