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Who were the Sufis? Mention their main teachings.

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The Sufis were Muslim Mystics who started a reform within Islam which was inspired by the teachings of Quran. They came to India from Persia in the 11th century. They spoke the language of the masses and won the hearts of the people by their love, sincerity and charity.

The main teachings of Sufism were:

  1. Sufis believed that there is only one God and all people are his children.
  2. God is behind all that happens in the world.
  3. Sufis laid great emphasis on the principles of tauba (repentance) and tawakkul (trust in God).
  4. For the Sufis, prayers, fasts and rituals are not so important as the devotion to God.
  5. It is necessary for people to follow the teachings of a pir (sufi saint).
  6. Devotional music is one way of coming closer to God.

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