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Chapter 4

Map Reading and Interpretation

Class 10 - Total Geography Morning Star

Short Answer Questions

Question 1

State what is indicated by the following symbols about the land use:

(a) Tanks and canals

(b) Open scrub

(c) Stony waste

(d) Causeway


(a) Presence of tanks and canals indicates that the land is used for agriculture.

(b) Presence of open scrub indicates that the land is used for sheep and goat rearing.

(c) Presence of stony waste indicates that the land is uncultivable.

(d) Presence of causeway indicates a dry river and desert regions which receive only seasonal rainfall.

Question 2

Where are the thickly settled areas located in a village?


The thickly settled areas located over fertile plains and on wide river valleys.

Question 3

What does a dendritic drainage pattern indicate about the land?


A dendritic drainage pattern indicates that the land has soft surface rock material suitable for agriculture.

Question 4

How can the climate of a place be inferred from the topo-sheet?


Climate of a place can be inferred from the latitudinal extent of the area covered by the toposheet and the type of vegetation found there. For example, the climate of a place 10° N latitude will be warmer than the place at 35° N latitude.

Vegetation type also gives an indication of the climate of a place. For example, rain forests are found in the heavy rainfall areas, where the temperature is between 25°C and the average humidity exceeds 77%. Similarly, the presence of scanty growth of cactus, thorny bushes and grass suggest arid and semi-arid climate.

Question 5

What are the factors that affect settlements in an area?


The factors that affect settlements in an area are as follows-

Physical factors:

  1. Body of water (transportation routes, water for drinking and farming)
  2. Flat land (easy to build)
  3. Fertile soil (for crops)
  4. Forests (timber and housing)influence the settlements in an area

Human factors:

  1. People who share a common language, religion or culture
  2. Social network or supports
  3. Quality of life
  4. Employment

Match the following

Question 1

Match the following physical features with the numbers on the extract of the toposheet:

Match the following physical features with the  numbers on  the  extract of the toposheet. Map Reading and Interpretation, Total Geography Solutions ICSE Class 10

(a) Dry river bed

(b) Saddle

(c) Steep slope

(d) Pass

(e) Gap

(f) Gully

(g) Knoll

(h) Hill


(a) Dry river bed → 6

(b) Saddle → 8

(c) Steep slope → 4

(d) Pass → 1

(e) Gap → 3

(f) Gully → 5

(g) Knoll → 7

(h) Hill → 2